Weather station

Weather Station

1-Wire Weather Station

The 1-wire weather station was the original hobbiest introduction to 1-wire technology.

A very clever cludge, written up in the 1998 article from Sensors Magazine.

The weather station is available from AAG Electronica.


  • OWFS doesn't directly manage a 1-wire weather station.
    • Individual sensors are supported
      • Barometer (thanks the Mr  Aitor at AAG and Dr. Melhuish at OWW)
      • Humidity
      • Temperature
      • Wind direction requires interpreting directory listings for DS2401 or DS2450 voltage measurements depending on the design
      • Wind speed requies counting and interpreting the DS2423 counter. (Requires knowing the conversion between rpm and Wind Speed)
      • Rainfall requires interpretting the DS2423 counter and the bucket size.
    • Weather station management could easily be built on top of OWFS using any of the available language bindings (owtcl, owperl, C, ...)
  • There is the nice OWW (One Wire Weather) open-source project by Dr. Simon Melhuish
    • Not currently compatible with OWFS since both try direct Bus Master control
    • It is possible, though not implemented, to have OWW run against owserver.


  • AAG Electronica
    1-wire weather station. Humidity. Temperature. Barometer. Rainfall. Wind.
  • Hobby Boards
    Humidity. Temperature. Solar. Moisture (soil, leaf). Barometer. Lightning. Rainfall. Wind.
  • Web Community
    • 1-Wire Weather webring

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