Relative Humidity Sensors

Honeywell HIH-36XX based

Honeywell HIH-4000 based

  • Compatible with the HIH-36xx
  • Datasheet
  • DS2438 based
  • Voltage, temperature compensated
  • Read as "humidity"

Humirel HTM1735 based

  • Replacement design by Willy Robison
  • Datasheet
  • DS2438 based
  • Voltage and temperature compensation not needed
  • Read as "HTM1735/humidity"


iButton with temperature and humidity logging.



  • Embedded Data Systems has the EDS0065 and EDS0068 environmental sensors.
  • Fully supported.
  • Controls an optional relay.
  • Controls an LED.
  • Includes temperature and pressure/light in the EDS0068 model.

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