Bonjour (zeroconf)

Bonjour (zerconf)

Automatic networking

So you want all the pesky network connections to "Just Work"? There's a solution: Bonjour.

Tha basic technology is from the Apple Macintosh, and we use their freely available code for OWFS.

Basically, programs can announce their presence, abd find each other.

Annoucers (Bonjour registration):
  • owserver
    • Type: _owserver._tcp
  • owhttpd
    • Type: _owhttpd._tcp and _httpd._tcp
    • The second registration is a standard web server and will be shown be Safari, Konqueror and other Bonjour-enabled web browsers.
  • owftpd
    • Type: _ftp._tcp
    • Standard ftp server will be shown by programs like kftp.
All the OWFS programs can find an owserver by specifying "--autoserver" in the command line (or init string).

Automatic port assignments
  • Ports are assigned automatically by the operating system
  • No concerns over clashes with other services or instances
  • Port assignments are published via Bonjour


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