circa OWFS 2.5p6:

Mike Kalist has written detailed instructions for setting up a Debian server to function as an OWFS machine.

Written in late 2006, this includes support for mysql, apache, owfs, php, fuse and libusb.

These instructions are written as a menu for quick server setup, but should be useful to check steps for more conventional installation. 

circa OWFS 2.5p2:


Darryl van Dorp in this message

Install debian
Did not configure mail
apt-get install g++ make python python-dev ssh autoconf swig
apt-get install kernel-headers-x.x.xx (in my case 2.4.27-2-386)
mkdir build
cd build
tar -zxvf fuse-2.5.2.tar.gz
cd fuse-2.5.2
su -c "make install"
cd ../
tar -zxvf owfs-2.2p3.tar.gz
cd owfs-2.2p3
make && su -c "make install"

Another note notes that aclocal-1.9 rather than 1.4 should be used, so instead of ./bootstrap use

#! /bin/sh
rm -rf *cache
aclocal-1.9 && autoheader && autoconf && automake-1.9 && echo "Run './configure' and 'make' to build owfs"
See his blog for more details.

older note: 

Rimas in this message
    The version of automake in Debian stable is too old. "Testing" or "Unstable" works.

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